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I am  delighted to invite you to the inaugural National Conference on Migration, Media and Integration. This conference is organised by Africa media Australia in partnership with the National Ethnic and Multicultural Broadcasters’ council (NEMBC).

The Conference will take place on May 31st- 1st June , 2016 in Melbourne, Victoria. Please be advised that date has changed as the conference was originally planned for February 2016. The venue for the conference is Rydges on Swanston Hotel, located at 701, Swanston St, Carlton,  Melbourne.

The overall theme of the conference isMedia representations of ethnic communities and their impacts on integration and social mobilityThe conference seeks to provide an opportunity to discuss the issues and challenges raised by mainstream media representations of migrant communities in Australia. A key aim of the conference is to develop a framework to guide mainstream media’s engagement with and reporting of issues relating to migrant communities, especially new and emerging groups. The objectives of the conference include:

  • To analyse and discuss mainstream media representations of migrant communities in Australia
  • To identify the potential impacts of negative media coverage of ethnic groups, especially in relation to integration and social mobility policy outcomes
  • To explore the links between media, migration and integration and how mediated connections can help to improve and accelerate the settlement and integration of ethnic groups in Australia
  • To identify barriers to and explore solutions for an increased visibility of migrant journalists/reporters/presenters in popular media outlets in Australia
  • To discuss the handling of mediated communication by leaders of new and emerging migrant communities in addressing challenges raised by difficult community issues such as radicalisation, crime and family violence
  • To explore ways to develop strong, independent and viable migrant media outlets in an increasingly fragmented media landscape in Australia

This conference will provide useful resources on the above-mentioned topics and a great opportunity to network with prominent leaders and influencing figures in this field from across all Australian states and territories . The target audience includes media producers, policy makers, migrant community leaders, academics, researchers, students and stakeholders from government and non-governmental organisations (NGOs). We look forward to welcoming you to Melbourne on May 31st- 1st June 2016      

Melbourne Declaration

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